Welcome to our comprehensive catalogue of maps and travel guides for all countries of the world. On this website these are grouped by publisher and all of the major map and travel guide publishers are listed on the left. Choose any publisher and you will be taken to an independent website which covers their entire range of products. A link in the header of each of these sites leads back to this website, usually identified as "mapx" or "main".

Unlike most other travel book sites, we supply an illustration and a description of each product, including publication date, and there is a link to "other editions" so that you can search on Amazon for older, newer and different format versions (paperback, hardback, DVD, Kindle or downloadable). Most travel publications are regularly updated but you may be able to pick up an older version at a bargain price if it is not essential to be completely up to date. Sometimes, especially with maps, the changes are not that noticeable. We try to update our sites to cover the latest editions but this is a massive task, with some publishers bringing new versions out annually, and you can use the "other versions" link to check for new editions that we are not yet aware of. Also some of our updates may occur prior to publication, and you can then track down the current version if you can't wait for the update.

For each publication we give links to several suppliers so that you can track down the best prices. This includes Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and it may be worthwhile to look at these sites even if you buy elsewhere since they may provide further information such as buyer reviews and in some cases a "look inside" facility so that you can see parts of the book or map. As an alternative to buying direct from Amazon, their postings also list a number of third party "marketplace" sellers. These may offer prices cheaper then Amazon, new and used versions, and may offer out of print books that are no longer stocked by Amazon. Note however, when comparing prices, that there is a standard handling fee (2.80 in the UK) added to each item purchased from a Marketplace seller, so this may cancel out any discount off the Amazon price. Second class delivery from Amazon is post-free to UK addresses, though faster services are charged for.

Most books are now available on Ebay. These include new and second hand, latest and older versions. Check out the details if you want "new" or the most current version.

AbeBooks can prove useful for the more difficult to find books since they list a number of suppliers. These are located worldwide so check the delivery cost. On both AbeBooks and Amazon beware of sellers, usually USA based, that sell out of print books at greatly inflated prices. You will normally be able to buy a more recent version at the publishers RRP or less.

The Book Depository usually sell at just below the Amazon UK price. They are worth considering if you are buying from outside the UK since they offer free delivery worldwide. Postage charges from Amazon (and most Ebay sellers) are not free for non-UK buyers and can be quite substantial outside Europe. However free delivery direct from Amazon is now available for Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

We are working, on our sister site www.world-travelguide.co.uk, to list books and maps by location rather than by individual publisher. This will be useful to compare all publications available for your intended location.  This site is not yet complete but some locations are available: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Canada, Africa & Middle East. All other locations worldwide will be available shortly.

We also have a website covering general books, mainly fiction at present. This is located at www.books24.co.uk



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